3 Steps to Close the Deal

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At the end of the sales process, things can get very fuzzy, especially if you have had a meeting or submitted a proposal and are now waiting for a decision, says Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor. That’a the moment where you have to take control of the conversation and get the job done. In this video interview, she advices following up with questions, setting deadlines and other tips.

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The surprising truth about what motivates us

How can you hire highly skilled workers, persuade them to work for free, and then release your product to the masses for free? It’s not impossible; in fact, several active companies such as Linux and Wikipedia has accomplished this feat. In this video, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce gives a comprehensive animated seminar on what motivates workers to work, and how to take advantage of that as a business.

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Barbara Corcoran on How to Win Over the ‘Crowd’

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In this video, Barbara Corcoran answer a business owner’s question about the best way to raise money from the crowd on site like Kickstarter and IndieGogo. And she said to:

– Be entirely genuine when you make your pitch

– Be creative with your unique rewards for investors

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Barbara Corcoran on Inspiring Creative Ideas in Business

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Case Study: Adidas – The Full Value of Mobile

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Being locally relevant is key for any brick and mortar business, and adidas worked with its agency iProspect to leverage mobile’s power to reach local customers. They recognized that in order to build an effective mobile presence, they had to pivot their thinking to understand how mobile drives value beyond mobile commerce, particularly in-store sales.


  • Drive sales to adidas brick and mortar stores
  • Assign a value for mobile to in-store conversions
  • Prove that mobile brings incremental value to the business


  • Leveraged location extension formats
  • Developed an innovative value-assignment model for mobile to in-store conversions


  • Determined a 20% conversion rate from mobile store locator to in-store visits
  • Proved that mobile ROI brought a 680% incremental increase in ROI
  • Set the stage for further mobile advertising investments

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Shaquille O’Neal on What Inspires His Business Decisions

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Dr. Shaquille O’Neal is not just an NBA champion, an Olympic gold medalist, and a 15-time All Star. He’s an active investor and self-described geek. Take a look at this video to discover what really inspires his business decisions. Ismet Balihodzic @IsmetBalihodzic

Barbara Corcoran on Inspiring Creative Ideas in Business.

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Corcoran Group founder and Shark Tank angel investor explains why fun is one of the most important, yet overlooked, tools in business.  Ismet Balihodzic @IsmetBalihodzic